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Welcome to Q Fire Protection & Carpentry.

We are dedicated to safeguarding lives and property through our expert services in various areas of fire doors, fire stopping, and inspection. We understand that fire safety is of paramount importance in any environment, whether it’s a commercial building, industrial facility, or residential property.

‘Our mission is to provide impeccable service and solutions to ensure your space is industry-compliant to prevent and mitigate fire-related risks. In order to maintain the utmost standards, we have obtained accreditation from BM Trada in all the areas we specialise in.

Our Services.

Certified Fire Door Installation

If fire doors are not up to regulation and a fire occurs, the repercussions for the responsible person can be serious. That’s why you should always have fire doors installed by a third party-certified contractor.

We can provide fire doors bespoke made to any size, offering either 30 or 60 minutes of protection and giving people time to escape. It’s worth remembering that an incorrectly fitted fire door can fail in under 5 minutes, putting lives and property at risk.

Fire Stopping

Multi-storey buildings have service pipes running through different floors – left unsealed, these openings allow fires to spread upwards and rip through multiple floors. Fire stopping is the practice of blocking these holes, making sure a fire stays contained within the floor or area it started. It can provide between 2 and 5 hours of extra protection, helping to preserve the premises.

Fire Door Inspections

Just like smoke alarms need their batteries checked regularly, fire doors should also be inspected at least every 6 months to ensure they’re acting to their full capacity. Any slight alteration to the door or its surroundings can affect the performance.

Research shows that an average of 4 faults are identified per door inspected in the UK. Common faults include damaged smoke seals, issues with hinges (leaking oil or use of non-CE marked graded hinges), and gaps caused by usage. Where the fire door is in high use, it should be checked more frequently. The same applies to fire doors in newly occupied buildings during their first year of use.